The Cemí Route


The Cemí Route is a stage mountain bike race that will be run, for the first time, in the eastern part of the Dominican Republic with the intention of becoming the Moutain Bike Race referent of the Caribbean.

Who does not know Bávaro or Punta Cana? Who has not heard about the beauty of its coasts, its hotel complexes, the innate kindness of the Dominicans? And yet, even though millions of people come to vacation in this area, the greatest treasure remains hidden from most of these visitors.

The Cemi Route aims to reveal this secret to all the corridors of the Cemi Route by showing the most beautiful places, its rivers, tropical forests, infinite fields of sugar cane, virgin beaches, and a lush nature, combined with the history of the people who inhabited these lands in unknown times.

A race that gets its name from the word Tainos called their deities, the Cemis. Through its five stages, cyclists will travel through the provinces of El Seibo, La Altagracia and Hato Mayor, enter the Taino memory and enjoy the unparalleled natural beauty of this land, an experience that you can share with friends and family who accompany you to live the unique ambience of this race.


We all remember the first time that something made us vibrate, that made us feel alive, that touched our hearts and that was recorded forever in our memories.

Therefore, the first edition of the Ruta Cemí is surely the most special of all those lived in the coming years. With the intention of joining the extraordinary cast of challenges of this kind that run around the world, who would not have wished to participate in the first edition of The Legend of the Golden, of the Titan Desert or the Route of the Conquerors?


The eastern part of the Dominican Republic is known for the beaches that bathe it from Miches to Boca de Yuma: Esmeralda beach, Macao beach, Bávaro beach, Vacama beach, Bonita beach, famous all over the world, and yet not many people know the Anamuya riverbed, the Laguna Redonda, the Cola del Ratón, the rice fields of Uvero Alto, the Peñón del Rey, the Montaña Redonda or the Farallón that runs parallel to the coasts of white sand and turquoise waters.

The Dominican Republic is a safe, welcoming country, inhabited by people who preserve the ancestral smile of their Taino ancestors and who make their visitors feel like part of their families. A country full of experiences, beauty and joy that permeates the wonderful way of life of the Dominicans.

The Cemí Route has chosen the area of Bávaro and Punta Cana as a strategic center to cover the five stages for these reasons, but also because of the excellent hotel infrastructure that will allow all cyclists and their companions to enjoy a five-star services hotel on an all-inclusive basis. Although during the route each rider will be put to the test and they will have to use human effort to successfully finish each day of the race, at night, all participants and companions will enjoy a first-class rest, bars and restaurants, free buffets, swimming pools, a dream beach, and an exquisite service to recover and prepare for the demands of the next day.

In addition, the Ruta Cemí has reached a very special agreement with the Bahia Principe hotel chain to facilitate the greatest possible participation and ensure that cyclists are accompanied by their family and friends during the days of this major challenge, as well as to enjoy a few extra days of vacation at a very competitive price.


Cyclists who ride the first edition of the Ruta Cemí should be prepared to put their physical and mental strength to test themselves in a very demanding stage race.

Although this race does not reach the ascending heights of other big races, the Ruta Cemí has other characteristics that make it just as demanding. The riders who aspire to become Honorary Cemíes will have to face very hard ramps, technical descents, hot and humid weather, spectacular landscapes, and long distances that will affect the cyclists’ endurance stage by stage.

With no asphalt sections other than the occasional road crossing, controlled exits and a hellish climb in the Turey stage, the entire race runs on rocky dirt roads, limestone rocky paths, single tracks, wetlands and tropical dry forest.


In addition to exquisite comfort in the hotel chosen, cyclists and their companions will enjoy a vacation and a race. Swimming pool, beach, restaurants, leisure and rest areas in the hotel, and landscapes of breathtaking beauty during the race in an atmosphere of fellowship, multicultural, with bike racers and companions from all over the world and activities for family and friends of cyclists to enjoy the attractions of the area.

The Ruta Cemí organization board is in the hands of professionals with long experience in world-class races, which guarantees a healthy and safe competitive environment that will make all Ruta Cemí riders feel part of a prestigious international event